IP GradeBook Release Notes

As new features become available for the JMC IP GradeBook, updates to the software will be posted on our web site. To determine whether you may want to update your IP GradeBook, locate the build date for your software (main screen of program) and then check below to see if a newer build is available and, if so, what new features are available in the newer build.

If a newer build is available and you wish to download the update, click on the correct link on the software download page to begin the download process.

Version: 4.0

Build Number: 070910


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Grade Summary

Consolidate Classes

A Consolidate Classes option was added to treat multiple classes as one for aggregate reporting purposes.

Print to File

Exporting Data from GradeBook

A Print to File option was added to the Print option in the File menu that allows for the exporting or various types of gradebook data to tab-delimited text file(s).

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